*points to self*

Everyone should go see “Boyhood” if you want to experience 2000’s nostalgia and feel old.


Eating cookies is cool but eating all the cookies in your apartment while listening to every sad song in your playlist is even cooler.

Sometimes being the estranged son/brother isn’t so bad.

Sort of would be cool if I could figure out dating at least before I turn thirty. Or at least how to start it.

Why hasn’t anyone invented a tiny robot that follows you around and has long conversations about whatever you want to talk about, whether it be the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand, the amazing phenomenon known as gravitational lensing, or the season finale of Orange is the New Black? WHY?

The nightmare is over. I went to the doctor today so now I can hear again.

Oh hey, just sitting in a dark room listening to The National on Saturday night. Nothing to worry about here.

PS My ear still isn’t working

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