Noisy short notice drilling in my apartment + finding out I have to get a root canal on Monday + dropping and spilling a gallon of water all over the kitchen floor just now = I need some donuts.

Yesterday I saw a woman pushing a small dog around in a baby stroller.

I’m definitely back in LA.

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Sac pics

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Green mario is kind of a jerk. #mariobros

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More of these.

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Here’s some trees because trees are better than people.

Here are some concept sketches I did last year when we thought we were going to do the ninja turtles movie website. 

So I just made a champion decision and purchased a bag of grapes. The thing I love about grapes, and why I’m such a huge grape enthusiast, is that they’re the perfect size. They’re like the snickers minis of health snacks. Other fruit, like oranges for example, are such a hassle to peel. And by the time you get the skin off who knows if you were really even that hungry to begin with. It’s a huge commitment.

Grapes on the other hand are bite sized treats. No bigger than an inch, no skin to peel, and no mess. If you’re not very hungry you can choose to eat one. If you’re starving eat fifty or a hundred if that’s your fancy. They’re flexible to your needs. And hey, really, isn’t that what we all look for in our fruit? Isn’t that what we all look for in life?

The creator of Hey Arnold liked one of my Instagram photos so my Monday is already better than yours.

Batman and Robin soundtrack till I die.

Batman and Robin soundtrack till I die.

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